The YWCA GLA – Job Corps Urban Campus Art Program

Faye Washington, CEO YWCA Greater Los Angeles, spoke about creating a cultural environment that would teach and inspire.  As the building was under construction, she asked that the walls be filled with words and images of those who embodied wisdom, inspiration and motivation.

Research has shown that art helps students learn to value diverse perspectives and cultures and can be interpreted in many different ways.  Art also teaches students that problems can have more than one solution and that questions can have more than one answer.  Art teaches life skills such as developing an informed perception, articulating a vision, learning to solve problems and make decisions, developing the ability to imagine what might be and accepting responsibility to complete tasks from start to finish.

Our vision has been to develop an art program that reflects the YWCA GLA – Job Corps Urban Campus philosophy. The program includes photography, prints, paintings, sculptures, and wall murals. The artworks encourage students to engage in stimulating conversation by initiating analysis, generating self-expression and igniting the imagination. The program reflects the diverse backgrounds of the students, highlights the originality of the individual and enriches the collective imagination of the student body and visitors.

By integrating the art program with technology, we are taking art education to the next level.  Not only will students and visitors look at and take in the art firsthand, they will also have the opportunity to read about the artists and the inspiration behind the pieces through QR barcode technology. IntoGreat Media,, designed the art program’s site,

Special thanks to YWCA GLA Art Committee: Faye Washington, Tracy Solomon-Clark, May Chen Tham, Ann Marie Hickambottom, Maritza Collins, and Leslie Gleason. Isenberg de Herrera team members include Jenna Harris, Tim Scott, Michael Kay, and Andrea Delgado. The spectacular site-specific wall murals were conceived, fabricated, and installed by BLIK Wall Graphics, We would also like to acknowledge artists Laddie John Dill for his site specific commission gift Light Trap Triptych;  Sculptor, Guy Dill , has graciously loaned Raj Loop.  In additon, we are grateful to Douglas Busch for his generous loan of photographs from the Silent Waves series.

We hope the YWCA GLA- Job Corps Urban Campus Art Program will provide, to students and visitors alike, an imaginative and creative art experience.


Michelle Isenberg

Curator, YWCA GLA

Isenberg and Associates, Inc.



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