Wilshire Grand

Screen by Korean artist Do Ho Suh is a site-specific art installation comprised of over 85,000 stacked multi-colored figurines. The artwork wrapS around three walls of the lobby of Korean Air’s new Wilshire Grand building located in downtown Los Angeles. Screen is a representative of Do Ho Suh’s continuing explorations into the boundaries of identity. Through the repetition of individual forms, the artist makes reference to the complex and blurred relationship between the individual and anonymity versus the power of the collective as the seemingly anonymous mass of figures literally support the greater whole.

The extensive dialogue exchange required to realize Screen–between the artist; the client; and those represented within the artwork–is what makes this public art project unique. By creating a call-and-response effect, Screen inspires better communication between the artwork and audience, employer and employee.

To create the multitude of unique figurines that form Screen, 3D scanning, modeling and 3D printing is being used to directly realize a major public art project on a grand scale and tests state of the art technology within the context of public art in a groundbreaking way.

Left to right: Dave Hunt (President, DG Hunt & Associates),Ashley Calhoun, Michelle Isenberg, Tammy Jow (Principal, AC Martin Partners)


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