Victoria Gardens: Monet Avenue Renovation

Monet Avenue is a two block section of street targeted for improvements within the city of Rancho Cucamonga on the western edge of the Victoria Gardens site. The street will be updated in line with the original vision of the project,— a place that will grow organically over time in tune with important regional trends. Art, culture and design will be the drivers of Monet’s revitalization. This initiative is bolstered by an investment in infrastructure, landscape and other improvements. The goal is to create a more relevant community center, that reflects the best new thinking in building vibrant and engaged cities. The spectrum of artwork planned for Monet 2.0 is designed to appeal to a range of artists, to bring together people of diverse experiences under a single idea of building a better place for people.

Art Consultant: DG Hunt & Associates, LLC

Art Advisory: Isenberg & Associates, Inc.

Client: Forrest City

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