New York Capital Management Firm

New York Capital Management Firm invests in business services, financials, telecommunications, media, and technology sectors. Isenberg & Associates is currently developing corporate art programming for their new offices.


Michelle Isenberg invited New York based artist Brian Tolle to create an original, site specific art program for the entire space . Tolle makes work that treats history as both a sculptural material and Duchampian object–something to be shaped and manipulated, appropriated and re-contextualized.


A portrait of Franklin prompted by Tolles observation that Franklin made a lot of money making money, the work is inspired by the engraved likeness that appears on the one hundred dollar bill. Franklin not only had a hand in designing the first American currency, and conceptualizing its system of value, he also printed it. Printed digitally this portrait also pays tribute to Franklins radical ideas about authorship.

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