Interconnected is a digital artwork by Refik Anadol that dramatically portrays the hidden troves of operational data at Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) as an ever-changing suite of abstract form, color, and simulated texture. The data feeds that drive the artwork include global and regional air-traffic tracking software, airline flight information (arrivals/departures), baggage handling systems, and parking and ground shuttle transportation throughout the airport campus.

The artwork is synchronized and displayed across three high-definition architectural LED Media Walls in addition to a series of programmable LED ribbons embedded into the architecture of Concourse A. Interconnected is organized into three distinct visual chapters: Chapter I–Fluid Structures, Chapter II–Impossible Materials, and Chapter III–Data Poems. Shifting formal variations within each chapter reflect real-time responses to the dynamic flow of data, creating a living snapshot of the data management systems that enable CLT to serve over 44.4 million travelers annually.


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