The Colburn School of Music

The Colburn School, which is a performing arts school in downtown Los Angeles, provides afterschool programming in music, dance, and theater arts for children from preschool age to age 18.  Isenberg & Associates, Inc. is worked on the art programming for the Colburn School’s expansion, which provides dormitory housing, classroom, rehearsal, and performance space, and a cafeteria for its new college-level curriculum.  The Artist’s goals were to create an artwork for the Colburn School façade and plaza that was both elegant and celebrated the role of music and the performing arts. In addition, the artist through her artwork sought to create a sense of arrival that would serve as a communal space, making students feel part of a unified campus, while also welcoming the public, inviting them to gather informally before or after events.  The resulting artwork creates harmony between the old and new buildings through a concert of color and light with effects achieved through a variety of fixtures, gels and lenses.

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