APAA Salutes Michelle Isenberg

We salute Michelle Isenberg (Isenberg & Associates, Los Angeles) for her four-year term as president. “Michelle has guided APAA through a critical time of growth and she’s provided the leadership to strengthen the organization” says Wendy Cromwell. “We are well-positioned to take on new initiatives to make APAA better known within the broader art community and to educate the public as to what constitutes a qualified art advisor.” Says Michelle Isenberg, ” It has been a pleasure to lead APAA. I wanted very much to create a stronger national focus for the organization, and look forward to working with Wendy to continue building membership so that APAA is known world-wide for its commitment to professional practice. I also want to thank Suzy Locke, Mary McElwain and Michele Quinn for their service to the APAA board, and hope they will remain engaged as well.”

(From the APAA Spring 2013 Newsletter)

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