About Isenberg & Associates, Inc.

Isenberg & Associates, Inc. is a private art advisory firm with expertise in modern and contemporary art. Clients include developers creating large-scale public art spaces and a select number of private collectors. Our greatest effort-and of foremost importance- is to acquire works of substance and depth. A work of art asks us to pause. A great work of art asks us to pause and contemplate continually through the years.

Latest News

Refik Anadol gave a lecture as a part of the conference / symposia for Suprastudio at IDEAS/UCLA on ‘Architecture and Performance’ with Peter Sellars, Jun Kaneko and many others.

The content of this event was to explore multidisciplinary approaches, traditional and future thinking on the art of performance and staging. The ultimate goal was to explore the possibilities of architecture as a contributing discipline to the art of staging and performance. Establishing a new reading of spatial experiences when combined with music and other performances, furthermore to explore how architecture of temporary construction and installation can enhance existing urban space

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