About Isenberg & Associates, Inc.

Isenberg & Associates, Inc. is a private art advisory firm with expertise in modern and contemporary art. Clients include developers creating large-scale public art spaces and a select number of private collectors. Our greatest effort-and of foremost importance- is to acquire works of substance and depth. A work of art asks us to pause. A great work of art asks us to pause and contemplate continually through the years.

Latest News

Artist Refik Anadol has used the element of light to create an immersive ‘infinity’ environment that surrounds visitors in an all-encompassing spectrum of illumination. set at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, the installation forms part of Anadol’s ongoing research into audio/visual spaces. inside the mirrored chamber and through the careful programming of light, participants’ physical and mental state can be dramatically altered, creating the psychedelic perception an intangible world around them.




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