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Isenberg & Associates, Inc. is a private art advisory firm with expertise in modern and contemporary art. Clients include developers creating large-scale public art spaces and a select number of private collectors. Our greatest effort-and of foremost importance- is to acquire works of substance and depth. A work of art asks us to pause. A great work of art asks us to pause and contemplate continually through the years.

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(Refik Anadol & Peggy Weil Projection Still from Under LA: First Street Bridge and the Origin of the LA River; image courtesy of Refik Anadol Studios)

It is with great pleasure that Isenberg & Associates, Inc. announce Refik Anadol and Peggy Weil’s contribution to CURRENT: LA Public Art Biennial, Under LA: First Street Bridge and the Origin of the LA River.

The artwork is a visual descent below the surface of Los Angeles via scrolling images of lithologic soil samples. The photographed samples are taken by geologists at 10-foot intervals from the surface to 1400 feet below the ground. At one thousand feet the images represent material dating over a million years, at fourteen hundred feet as far back as 2.5 million years to the Pliocene Epoch.

The sequences will be projected across the banks of the Los Angeles River at two sites: The First Street Bridge in downtown Los Angeles and at the Origin of the LA River in Canoga Park.  The First Street Bridge, built in 1929, was designated an historic monument in 2008, The Origin of the LA River marks the coming together of Bell Creek and Arroyo Calabasas.




First Street Bridge, Los Angeles
Saturday July 16 & Sunday July 17
Saturday August 13 & Sunday August 14
Dusk to 11:00 PM


Origin of LA River
Saturday July 30 & Sunday July 31
Dusk to 11:00 PM

Please visit http://underlawater.com/faq/ for more information

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